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Curriculum Overview

Get started with the fundamentals of Ruby. Along the way, learn everything you need from databases to APIs and more so that you can graduate ready to launch your own fully-functioning web apps and take on Ruby developer roles.

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Go from beginner to expert from home

Join live online classes that teaches you how to build websites and web applications from wherever you are. Through online classes, students are able to access the best programming instructors from the comfort of their own home. Keeping it online also allows for real-time feedback and simulates an environment similar to actual coding work.

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What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that helps developers create web applications using the Ruby programming language. It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which helps developers organize their code in a way that makes it easier to maintain and scale.

Rails also includes a number of built-in features that make developing web applications easier, such as a built-in web server, a database migration tool, and a routing system.

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Why learn Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a great programming language because it is easy to learn, yet powerful enough to build sophisticated applications. It is also a web development framework that enables you to build complex web applications quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ruby on Rails worth learning?
Yes! Ruby on Rails is highly scalable, allowing you to go from building apps for simple ideas to apps for large IPO-ed companies used by millions.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that helps you create web applications using the Ruby programming language. It's used for developing web applications, web APIs, and even full-stack web applications.

How do I become a Ruby on Rails developer?

The best way to become a Ruby on Rails developer may vary depending on your level of experience and coding knowledge. However, some tips on how to become a Ruby on Rails developer include studying Ruby on Rails tutorials and examples, practicing coding, and networking with other Ruby on Rails developers.

What does a Ruby on Rails developer do?

A Ruby on Rails developer is someone who builds web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. They typically work with a team of developers to create web applications for their team or clients.