Find and hire expert software developers

Find the right talent faster than ever. Our pre-vetted engineers are trained in the latest engineering stack — and we don’t even charge a recruitment fee. You’ll spend less time interviewing, less time training and more time focusing on the real work.

You have your current pipelines, resumes and talent pool. What you’ll get with us is different. We’ll be working with you hand-in-hand to help you build your team with the best-fitting candidates. We know exactly who our engineers are — their projects, experience, soft skills, technical skills and everything else in between. We work on understanding you and matching your company with the right talent to keep you from wasting time and money.

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How it works

We know finding the right talent is usually time-consuming and complicated. We keep it simple! You’re just a few steps away from getting matched with the right talent to fit your team.


Fill up our quick Career Partner form. This will let us know you’re interested, and we’ll be reaching out after.


Once you fill the form up, you’ll start receiving regular emails from us with our shortlisted engineers we think will fit your team.


Once you’ve reviewed the shortlisted engineers, choose the ones that you’d like to bring in for interviews and hire them! No recruitment fees.

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Recruiting the right talent

Our graduates are a level up. They’re self-directed and quick learners with a growth mindset. They know how to research, learn on their own time and build from scratch. Being able to graduate from our courses is no easy feat — and an even bigger feat for graduates who started the course with 0 coding experience. You’re not just hiring them for their current skills — hiring them means you’re investing in their high potential.

Even better, many of them are career shifters that bring industry expertise, as well as critical and transferable skills that make them an even bigger value-add to your team. The last thing? Our engineers know how to thrive in any work environment — especially remote. They know the tools, best practices and skills to learn, build, collaborate and work remotely. The world of work has transformed, and they’re ready.

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Skills to look for

After spending over 300 hours in intensive classes and building multiple projects themselves, our engineers graduate with more than just excellent technical skills. They’re dedicated, lifelong learners who have hands-on experience and are trained in the soft skills engineering teams need.

  • HTML, CSS, Responsive Design
  • Sass
  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • Version control
  • Git, Github and VSCode
  • React
  • Redux
  • jQuery
  • SQL & Databases
  • Data Structures
  • Pair programming
  • Testing
  • Industry best practices
  • Ruby Foundations
  • Ruby on Rails

Get the top engineers on your side

The hiring process is tough, and it only gets tougher as you scale. We’re more than just a recruiter — we’re your talent partner in growth. We personally work alongside you as your hiring demand changes, your technical stack evolves, your business grows and as the landscape shifts. Here’s how we help you transform your talent pipeline while removing the hassle:
A consistent talent pool of pre-trained and pre-vetted talents.
A partner that adapts and responds to your hiring demands and surges quickly.
Waste less time recruiting and less money on recruiters.

Partner with Avion School today

Our Career Placement team works directly with our graduates and hiring partners to help your team hire the best-fitting talent and grow. You’ll receive a consistent pipeline of handpicked candidates from us. We’re here to support you.

We work with businesses, startups and multinationals with all sizes of budgets and technical requirements to be the most effective and cost-efficient way to grow your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge any recruitment fees?
We don’t charge any recruitment fees! Hiring a graduate from Avion School works exactly like your normal hiring process. All we do is provide you with handpicked graduate resumes and help you with anything you need or any questions along the way.

If you like a candidate, just take them through your regular hiring processes!

How are handpicked graduates selected for our company?

Based on your hiring requirements and company profile, we select the best-fitting candidates from our graduate pool.